Why don't you start appreciating classical music?

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My affection for classical music started since young. Largely due to my dad's influence and encouragement. That is also when I got interested in the secret world of sound and music.

Is common to hear people saying "listening to classical music is boring and it makes me sleepy".
It makes me wonder are you really listening?or you just "shut off " your ears because in your mind you already deemed classical music as boring (which they all sounded like this). (write in your comments about it)

How to enjoy classical music?
In my opinion the best way to appreciate a classical piece is to learn about it. You may not love classical music but certainly it can help you in understanding them more.

So what is classical music?  In our current era we consider classical music as slow moving, light, with the accompaniment of strings, piano woodwinds and bass.. (Warning: Stereotype Content Detected)

But how many knows that classical music consists of music from the different eras, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romanticism, 20th Century(Modern). And each eras their play style is different. Take note that Classical era is a sub-genre(period) of classical music.

Lets not go too in-depth with the genre for this post. I may do another post about the different eras next time. ;P

Portrait Beethoven
How can you not know him??
(Ludwing van Beethoven)
For those who don't like slow moving classical music there are classical music that are fast paced.
To start you off I will name a few of my favourite ones here:
Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
William Tell Overture(Finale) by Rossini
Moonlight sonata (3rd Movement) by Ludwing van Beethoven 

I am sure you must have heard one of these before right.

Read up on the different composers and their creation, believe me most pieces have interesting story.

Another method is to try attending a classical concert. Get a feel of it, even better if you can get your friend to tag along with you.
Search for free concert in your area. In Singapore you can visit Esplanade, they often have free performance. NAFA is another place you can check out.

Listening to classical live in a concert hall is very different from listening to a recording.
Remember to get a programme brochure, normally it contains brief descriptions of the performing pieces.

Why do I listen to classical music?
First I need to point out that music can affect people's mood. It has the ability to alter our psychological state of mind (believe it or not its up to you). That being said, whenever I feel stressful I often hook myself up with classical music. Sometimes it just makes me feels like im watching a "real life" Disney animation.

So what are you waiting for.. Start listening to classical and have fun with it...
If you are interested in Japanese anime or you would like to see other famous works being used in animation please click here

Comments are welcome and encouraged. :)

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