Sound effect Laser gun ~ Pewww~

Last Revised: Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ever wonder how the sound effect of laser gun was made in star wars?..
I use to think that it was probably "created" through extensive tweaking by some sound engineers  ..
But it was NOT!

You must be thinking Har!?. You must be kidding me.. how can zapping sound of the laser be made by an ordinary object...

Yes is true.. i'll present you the object

Drum roll..

It's Slinky!!!!!

By the way it must be a metal slinky in order to get the laser sound. 

Ok once you get hold of a slinky you can start to Peww peww ~

How to make the pew pew sound?

Step 1: place one end of the slinky on your ear 
Step 2: drop the other end to the ground 
That's all easy right. 

Well if you don't want to put it over your ear you can jam a Styrofoam cup (acts like a horn) between the slinky near at top end.  

Instead of dropping the free end you can try plucking or flicking they all works fine. 
Have Fun!

Everyone loves a SLINKY
You Gonna Get a SLINKY



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