Onomatopoeia! the godmother of SOUND!!!

Last Revised: Thursday, October 4, 2012


What is On·o·mat·o·poe·ia? Damn this word is so hard to spell dont you agree but is a fun word to learn.. Why Godmother of SOund?

To put it simple, Onomatopoeia is basically words that mimics the actual sound.
For example "hiss", "boom", "blop"

Speaking of which it reminds me of this song that my brother loves.. Price Tag by Jessie J lets see if you can spot any Onomatopoeia.

Here is another question.
Which language uses Onomatopoeia words most frequently??
Well it will probably be Japanese..
If you look closely, Onomatopoeia in Japanese are sub divided into 3 categories.

Giseigo: Sounds that animate objects make
Giongo: Sounds made by inanimate objects
Gitaigo: They are words that describe feelings or expressions (Gitaigo are mimetic words and are often treated as Onomatopoeia)

If you can read hiranga & katakana and want to know more you can go over to Tofugu.com  (There is a good list of  Japanese Onomatopoeia there)

Well thats all for now!! 

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