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Last Revised: Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is my philosophy of life & how I relate it to music.

Every one of us is unique and different, we have what we like and what we dislike. We all have different preferences..

I cant force you to do things you don't enjoy, likewise you can't force me to do things your way if I don't feel like it.
Mutual respect between humans are very important.. there is certain boundary and space we should never crossover..

Why do I say listening to music is the same as eating food..

The Taste Preferences: 
Food have different flavours, textures, colours, nutrients,cultures... etc.
Same goes for music they have different genre, cultures, styles, expressions...  etc.
Besides all these differences.. the venues we are in also plays a part.
For example, you wont be playing classical music in a nightclub right! everyone would be sleeping on the dance floor if you did that..

Universal Language:
Food as a form of universal language.. it has the ability to convey message , it brings people together.  It lets you understand the culture.
Music is too a form of universal language.. it touches human soul even without the lyrical element.. the style that express composer's feelings.

The Energy for Life:
Drawing of Mr Durian
Mr Durian
We all know why we need to consume food. That's right For energy!
Since music cant really give us the real energy we need for work but it can provide us with mental boost. I remembered a friend once told me, every morning he would listen to one particular song, which I can't recall the song title, all I can remember it is an upbeat song. He told me that it helps him in kick starting his day.

Since music is so much like food .. people will have preference over it.. We are free to choose what pleases us most.  So is always good to respect peoples choice in music. You can give your thoughts but not criticize about their taste or flame their idols.

Instead of disapproving and locking our minds up why not open up and discover them. Stop stereotyping,  hopefully you might find some beauty in them.. often there are so much to learn about we just over look them once we start rejecting.

Always remember what is pleasing to your ears might not be pleasing to others..It goes the same for food, I might like to eat durian, some might not. This is what music is about, an acquired taste for every individual.

Feel free to share with me what kinds of music you like?
Comments are welcome and encouraged. :)

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