My Opinion on John cage 433 Is this Music or JunK?

Last Revised: Monday, October 15, 2012


Ever heard of John Cage 4'33

Somehow I strongly feel like viewing this piece as a Buddhist teaching ,Form is Emptiness; Emptiness is Form.Yes this piece is nothing but "total silence" and you can play this piece using any instruments.  Well I wont be putting up any video for this piece. But you can search for it in the youtube there are a bunch of people out there playing this bizarre piece.. sitting quietly for Four minutes and thirty three seconds

Rest In Peace
I learned about this piece a year ago while I was taking up music appreciation course as one of my elective..  I feel so damn lucky to have this as part of my elective.. by the way I Got an A grade for my elective  >.<

For those who didnt know, this is listed as one of the top controversial music pieces.. some may find it meaningful, some may just thought of it as a waste of time and not even considering it as composition..

The main idea behind John Cage's composition is to appreciate the ambience sound of silence, over the time and space in  4'33.  Thus the form is being formed by the emptiness.

If you still dont get it..
Here is a clip of our dear John clearly explaining the "silence" concept using coca cola bottle in reference to space/time..<--  sounds like some physics theory haha o.o

Whatever it is, this is definitely a true revolutionary piece of music art.

For those who do not listen to music, I am pretty sure that you'll enjoy 4'33" by John Cage
And now you can boast around telling your friend that you know of a song that is silent o.o

Want to know more about minimal music?

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