My mummy wants to play this game!!!

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Minna no Rhythm Tengoku / Rhythm Heaven Fever

Yeah I am quite busy these few days...I wont be doing much post for these few weeks.. why?
Cause exams are coming.!. I don't want to fail any of them and retake the exam again, super waste of time -_- & $$

On monday, I was playing this game on the Wii console (relaxing myself from all the studying).  My mum came over and look at me play. She find it funny & entertaining. My mum don't play games and she is not good with gadget.. so is really an unusual sight.. then she said to me let me try this.. I was like "Wow" haha..

Anyway.. this is a rhythm game.. the controls are actually quite easy.. all you have to do is hit the A or A+B button on the rhythm. Of course what attracts me most is the composer of the songs in this game Tsunku..つんく♂ for those who dont know him he is the main producer for Hello! Project.

All the songs in this game are catchy.. you have to get at least a ok rank to unlock the next song.. after 4 stages there will be a remix song and it goes on like that.. and there is multi player too..but I have not tried it yet.. shall ask my brother to play with me someday..

Overall this is an entertaining casual game for family.. Also for those who like to train their rhythm I highly reccomend it..  what else can I say even my mum request to try and she was actually quite good.. :D

Have you ever played any games with your mum?
Comments are welcome and encouraged. :)
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