Mr Durian

Hi Hi,

I am Mr Durian the infamous Green Stinky Fruit.  (^^)
And some of you may be wondering who is Simon Ooh.. a person who goes around opening durians at the end of every blog post.
Well~ he is just a personification I created for myself.

Currently I am pursuing my degree in Durian university.
I love anything that relates to food, art, technology and science. My daily routine revolves around this four pillars. I live in Singapore. Ulu ulu(Singlish=remote) durian forest which you will never be able to locate on an ordinary map.
My favourite pastime is relaxing under a durian tree and performing free falls off the tree.

Of course blogging allows me to express myself in a different manner. Most importantly it allows me to share my knowledge, study experiences and things that happen around me.

With this platform I hope I am able to reach out to the durian committee and humankind.

I blog about anything, from Tech news to food and probably some useful college stuff. I will try my very best to make all my post entertaining and fun with a touch of my weird sense of humour.

At the same time I will be blogging about SEO tips and experience. Or you can follow me on Soundatventure facebook for latest blogging tips. Of course I Will! Only Share! what i've tried out and worked fine.. so you whom maybe new to web managing can make good use of it and not waste your time going through forums and sites.

And if you like listening to instrumental music, feel free to check out my Japanese Style New Age Music. Most of my composition are light instrumentals.
Visit My Music Page Here Comments and Criticism are always welcome.


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