3 Easy To Use Infographics Maker Online for Free

Last Revised: Sunday, November 29, 2015


Creating stunning visual representations of data can be time-consuming yet it is undeniably one of the better ways to get your message across.This is especially true if you are living in this digital era.
Yes! We hunger for information and we need it fast.

Studies reveal that human brain is able to decipher image elements simultaneously, while language and words are being decoded in a linear manner. In psychological perspective, a carefully crafted infographic can be influential.

Today I will be recommending you 3 of the best online Infographics Maker which are easy to use. I've tired all of them. They are simple and all of which are straightforward backend drag-and-drop features. They provide free templates so that you do not have to worry about your colour wheels.
Guaranteed in less than 10 minutes you should be able to learn and create your very own jaw dropping infographics.

So what are you waiting for start using these powerful tools to create professional-looking infographics for your reports, presentation, or even marketing poster.


Canva infographic maker

Canvais a free drag-and-drop design tool that makes it easy for all to use. Login is required. Once you are in you will be prompt with a 23 second intro to get your started.
It allows direct sharing of infographics on facebook and twitter. You will be able to export design as an image file however download will only be free when you use clipart/pictures of your own or elements that are free.
Ps: They even have an app for apple iPad users.


infogram templates

Infogr.am has been around for years. What personally like about this particular online infographic tools is the ability to import data from a spreadsheet and the types of templates themes they provide. ie. world maps,  pictorial charting... They even have their youtube Webinar that teaches you how to turn a boring analytical data into an engaging infographic.
As for the free account you are limited to 10 infographics, 10 uploaded images, no private sharing and no downloads or live connections. I think it's still a pretty decent tool for a free account.. considered you can share your work publicly.


Piktochart with survey monkey templates

Over 10 free themes to choose from. Good library of well designed templates. A new feature that allows you to import results from your own SurveyMonkey account! For a free account you have 10 over templates to work with, Piktochart Watermark, 40 mb image upload and publishes is made publicly.  Other than these limitations, most of the features are free to use... such as downloading your info graphic into an image file or even sharing it on the various social media without any cost.
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