A trip to Singapore Art Science Museum: Dreamworks Animation and others

Last Revised: Saturday, August 8, 2015


Eh.. I should have posted this weeks ago.. anyway keke..

The durians had rolled to Singapore Art Science Museum on the eve of national day~
In commemoration of SG50 the entry was made free for all Singaporeans. yeah~
Oh by the way this is my first visit to Singapore Art Science Museum.

And~ ofcoz such phenomenon usually happens when things are "free"~
people mountain people sea

The three exhibitions, Dreamworks Animation, Singapore Stories and The Deep 
Picture time~
Free Entry 

Melman the giraffe has bristles on his chin 

Master Shi

Underexposed No flash allowed :(

Po has turned to the Dark Side!

Gromit chopping carrots 
Model of Gromit and his prized vegetables in the greenhouse

The Deep exhibition ~

Overall it's been a wonderful experience for me. Looking at how Dreamworks develop and design the characters.. all the sketches and detailed sculptures...

It could have been better if they could provide some sort of guided tour or audio narration device even though it's a "free entry tour" :P

Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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