No sweat! Cheap and good Curry Fish Head in the West Area

Last Revised: Thursday, July 24, 2014


Would you like to have a piping hot fish head curry? ~
'Thumbs Up' From the Curry Lover Bro
Oh yeah! Recommend by many foodie kakis. West Co'z Cafe is one halal 'zi char' restaurant in the west area that serves superb VFM (value for money) curry fish head.
West Co'z Cafe #02-23
Practically anyone who came here (west coast plaza) to dine.. knew about West Co'z curry fish head.

Served in a scorching hot sand pot, this orangey red spicy curry makes me mouth salivate uncontrollably, like how Pavlov's dog reacting to his magical meat powder .. *huff huff.
The head is big and meaty
Take a look at the wonderful menu of food they have. .. spicy level.. non spicy.. recommendations/signature dish indicated clearly by little small chillies and thumbs up emojis. Check out the price as well if you like haha.
Soup, Vegetables, Rice, Noodles, Drinks

Salad, Sides, Beancurd, Squid, Fish, Crabs, Prawns, Chicken

and this is actually my first time enjoying fish head curry in a air-conditioned mall~
Normally I'd probably sweat like a pig after searching for an empty seat in open air hawker center.

For a two person meal,  a small size curry, two plates of rice and drinks is enough. Of coz, you can go for more if you are a big eater..
Overall, I enjoy the place and food very much. Is good that they have a band of happy employers.. :D

P.S. Im back! haha. Lots of things happened for the past few weeks.. my ancient PC just broke down.. 
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