Making savoury rice dumplings 咸肉粽

Last Revised: Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yoz Im back~ Now that I'm done with my exams. I'm "Free" weeee~
Since dragon boat festival is just around the corner~
Let's make some rice dumplings!
This is actually my second time performing the "bak chang (rice dumplings) bondage" :X
Difficult process.. too tight- the rice will bulge after cooking
too loose- the dumplings will come lose during the cooking process
rice dumpling
Rice Dumpling Bondage
I wont be posting the recipe today since my mum uses lots of agaration (estimation).
Wrapping the bak chang
Wrapping the bak chang

Soaked Bamboo leaves
Soaked Bamboo leaves 
Fascinating isnt it~ Chinese from different regions of the world would prepare their sticky rice dumplings differently.
The cooking methods are different,  the fillings are different.. the way to they bind the dumplings are different as well.

Typically  there are two kinds of rice dumplings eaten by the Chinese in this region.
The nyonya rice dumplings made by little nyonya (the sweet ones which contain candied winter melon)
and the Savoury rice dumplings. Both have this interesting tetrahedral in shape.
Since I'm never a fan of sweet stuff I would normally go for the the Savoury rice dumplings.
In the past,  I would even isolate the dried chestnut found in the savoury rice dumpling. The sweet mushy texture eee.. Hmm wonder where the dried chestnuts went lol.

Have you had any rice dumpling before? Do you like savoury or sweet dumplings?   
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