Free 100 bucks for booking badminton court and swimming

Last Revised: Thursday, May 29, 2014


Just last month, all Singaporeans and PRs (age 16 and above) who signed up for ActiveSG will receive a $100 free credit. If you are below 16,  just get your parents to apply the supplementary membership for you. Note: the carrot is only valid for a limited period 

You can use the 100$ for swimming, gym or for booking of sport facilities eg. badminton court, table tennis, tennis court blah blah blah....

Should you have any queries please refer to the ActiveSG membership page.

A rather interesting way to promote healthy lifestyle and active ageing. huh
Speaking of "active ageing"... hmm.. I wonder who coined this term....
Active ageing~  Active ageing?  whenever I saw the phrase I would relate to it as the process of ageing quickly.

Anyway.. if you are a sporty person the 100 bucks is there for you~ Grab it while you can.
If not... this is the time to start moving your big fat bum~ or roll like a durian~ weee~~~~

Guess what?
Since Mr Durian loves playing badminton.
He had used the $$ to book badminton court~
Jurong west sports hall Badminton court
Had a great game today~ @ Jurong west sports and recreation centre~
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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