Free 100 bucks for booking badminton court and swimming

Last Revised: Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just last month, all Singaporeans and PRs (age 16 and above) who signed up for ActiveSG will receive a $100 free credit. If you are below 16,  just get your parents to apply the supplementary membership for you. Note: the carrot is only valid for a limited period 

You can use the 100$ for swimming, gym or for booking of sport facilities eg. badminton court, table tennis, tennis court blah blah blah....

Should you have any queries please refer to the ActiveSG membership page.

Making savoury rice dumplings 咸肉粽

Last Revised: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yoz Im back~ Now that I'm done with my exams. I'm "Free" weeee~
Since dragon boat festival is just around the corner~
Let's make some rice dumplings!
This is actually my second time performing the "bak chang (rice dumplings) bondage" :X
Difficult process.. too tight- the rice will bulge after cooking
too loose- the dumplings will come lose during the cooking process
rice dumpling
Rice Dumpling Bondage

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