Says R.I.P to Windows XP

Last Revised: Wednesday, March 5, 2014


For some odd reason XP <--- it kinda looks like the emoticon with eyes crossed and tongue sticking out~

XP has remained as one of the more popular OS (operating system) for several years due to its stability and performance.

However for those who are still using XP is time to say good bye~
Yes~ Microsoft has officially announced that XP will be retiring on April 8 2014.
Windows XP will be killed off next month by Microsoft! :(

What does it mean and what should you be doing?

For Windows XP users there will no longer be any software updates to help keep your PC running safe and secure. Computers running on Windows XP will be much more vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.

No more drivers updates for hardware and device. eg. printer, monitor
Comparability issues with the newer devices. You could have a hard time getting your new gadgets to work with your dead OS.

Good news: Support for Chrome on XP will continue to provide security updates until at lest April 2015

Still running Windows XP?
Time to upgrade your old computer to Windows 7/8~ or
Simply have it replaced.
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