How can student make online money while staying at home Why?

Last Revised: Friday, March 28, 2014

Penny pincher in the making? No~ Im not~ I'm just a poor college student
who can't afford to splurge.

For me to eat and get around my "durian forest", an allowance of 300-400 SGD per month is barely enough .
On top of that, I need to pay for my tuition fees..
Save up for my long awaited graduation trip (which is not so soon)..
Replace my "helicopter" sounding laptop...
Otherwise known as~ I need more pocket money syndrome!! $$~

Best Google Docs and Sheets add-ons for students and teachers

Last Revised: Friday, March 14, 2014

Google has just launched new add-ons for their Docs and Sheets with at least 60 over add-ons in their store. Of course the number of add-ons will continue to rise as more third parties jump on the developer partner program.

So what can you do with the add ons? There are plenty actually...

  1. write reports 
  2. make a flow chart 
  3. highlights and make notes
  4. music scoring  or composing
  5. create your own spreadsheets
  6. making infographics and lots more

and here's how to get your hands on the Google add-ons~

Convert Image to Text using Google Drive Free OCR Software

Last Revised: Monday, March 10, 2014

In my previous study post I've mentioned about how you can turn your commuting time into a productive one by using a text to speech online reader.
And some have asked me whether if it is possible to read an image file or pdf document.

The answer is Yes~
But! In order for the reader to perform text-to-speech translation you'll first have to convert your pdf/image file into a flat text file using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software~

So what is Optical Character Recognition and its uses?

OCR is a type of character recognition technology that is used for translating images or pdf files into pure text document. The algorithm will scan, detect, differentiate and convert characters to plain text at an efficient speed.
The extracted text can then be used for various applications:
  • Data Mining and text mining 
  • Text to Speech 
  • Language translation (who needs an interpretor, I want my カレーライス) 
  • Assistive tool for Blind and visually impaired 
  • Files keeping, saving of storage space, compression. Typically an image file will take up more bytes than a text file.

Says R.I.P to Windows XP

Last Revised: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For some odd reason XP <--- it kinda looks like the emoticon with eyes crossed and tongue sticking out~

XP has remained as one of the more popular OS (operating system) for several years due to its stability and performance.

However for those who are still using XP is time to say good bye~
Yes~ Microsoft has officially announced that XP will be retiring on April 8 2014.
Windows XP will be killed off next month by Microsoft! :(

Convert text to mp3 audio file for free

Last Revised: Saturday, March 1, 2014

No time to read? Why not convert your reading materials to speech audio and downloaded to your mp3 player.
I am college student myself and I understand that most of you might not have much free time on hand to do your reading. This is especially true for those Commuter/Part-time Students who have to manage both their work and studies at the same time.

While you're not in the office, not you only have to deal with the family responsibilities but also your preparation for finals.
Waa~ So Many Things To Do So Little Time..  Where Got Time~
An octopus has 8 legs 3 hearts But you! only have 4 limbs one heart. Aww you poor thing..

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