Update Last modified Date on Blogger and not remove it

Last Revised: Saturday, February 8, 2014


Some bloggers go all the way to have their date stamp removed.
If you are thinking of doing so ~ my advice to you is to keep it.
I dont encourage anyone to hide their posts' dates away from Google.
Why? you might ask.

First of all nothing is evergreen in this world..
If somebody tells you that his/her niche is evergreen- that's bullshit!

You can debate me on this all you want but we all jolly well know the fact that nothing in this world last eternally....
History can be debunked. Scientific studies we believe in today maybe proved wrong in the future.
Misreporting of news~
And if you are writing about tech related stuff the more you should include a published date.
Things are changing rapidly these days... Especially for those working on information technology blog sites.

Your blog readers have the right to know when an article was written or updated.
Don't you feel angry when you read something that is obsolete? 
Or when your friend shared an outdated article on facebook?
So instead of removing the dates from your post why not revised your posts again with last modified dates.

Changing post dates for Blogger/Blogspot in the olden days is almost impossible. Unlike WordPress users, we Bloggers aren't blessed with many widgets and plugins, therefore the only way to for us do it is to alter the date time stamp html code. But now if you are a blogspot user, you'll only need a few clicks to change the dates.

How to update your Last modified Date

First go to your published post tab and click on the article that you wish to update

Update Blogger Dates 1

Next click on the post setting on the right side of your screen, under the Schedule tab Select set date and time. Select your date. Click done and update.
Update Blogger Dates 2

Google bots will re-crawl your page again and display your latest updated date on the search result page.

This is optional (requires little coding)~
You can alter your blogger template to show the word "Last modified/updated" like what I did here.

Simply search for your date stamp code
and add "Last modified" just before this code

This is how I do it. Some of y'all might have a date stamp code that is a little bit different from mine.
Blogger Date stamp

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