Printer ink is expensive! I need to save up my money

Last Revised: Wednesday, February 19, 2014


You might have heard before Printer ink is one of the few expensive liquids in the world. What fascinates me is that it actually costs more than your blood.
Yes its price value is higher than human blood! OH MY!

Since Im a college student I'll need to get my lecture notes printed out at least once every other day.
If I could just donate my blood to this money sucking machine I'd probably save up a few hundreds by now.
And don't you ask me to go paperless,  having hard copy study materials at hand is much more feasible, especially if I were to take my notes.
If you like to Save up some ink money during your college life~

Here are some of the methods I've used:
  • Buy third-party Cartridges: Replacement cartridges from third parties are definitely much cheaper. Although most Printer companies tries to scare us away from these, they often worked fine.
  • Refill Your ink Cartridges: your own printer ink cartridges.
    Note: Some printer may refuse DIY refilled cartridge if it contains a microchip.
    If you live in Singapore, Diaso had these Do-it-yourself kits.
    Im not sure though if they are still selling the kits now . Do drop me a comment if you happen to know.
    Do-it-yourself kits ink refill

  • Avoid Printing from Tri-Color Ink Cartridges: Try not to waste your colour ink not all materials need to be coloured. If you are not printing colored documents, you’ll only want your printer to use the black ink cartridge. You can do so by selecting the "print using black ink cartridge only function" in the printer properties.
  • Alternatively, get yourself a Laser Printer: Laser printers does not use ink cartridges. If you print a lot of black and white documents, a printer that uses toner can be cheaper.
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