Home made Yusheng with razor clams Let's celebrate 人日

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Hihi A quick post for the starting month of lunar new year. Been busy lately with school stuff and some other worthless things which I don't wish to mention..

Anyway Today is the 7th day of Chinese new Year.. also known as 人日 (ren ri which literally means Human Day)
Chinese believe Nuwa the goddess, who created the world, created humans on the 7th day of lunar new year.

In Singapore and Malaysia we celebrate this "birthday" day not with a cake but with a symbolic dish named 魚生 yu sheng..
While some would call it lo hei  I would call it prosperous health cleansing salad haha~ you'll know why later as I blabber on.... By the way this interesting "salad" was actually invented in Singapore 40 over years ago by (四大天王 not Andy lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung) Four Heavenly Culinary Kings of Singapore cuisine~

Ingredients used in this dish comprises of various shredded vegetables~ daikon (white radish) and red carrot, pickled ginger  ... for economic yusheng we tend to use sliced raw fish eg. wolf herring salmon, some expensive high-end restaurants would use sliced abalone and even fish roe~

Plum sauce, kumquat paste, five spice powder, sesame oil, peanuts were added in for flavours..
The reason to why it was called the prosperity toss is because diners/tossers are suppose to shout! out! auspicious wishes while adding in these meaningful flavours and during tossing,..
Prosperity Toss
Lou Yu Sheng 鱼生 Prosperity Toss
 This is a "fun dish" and I love this dish a lot ! everyone gets to participate, says good things to each other- Charging up my tired soul with positive aura at the start of new year.
And also this is a refreshing dish to cleanse my stomach after pigging out on so much ho liao (good food) for the past few days.

Preparing Home Made Yusheng Is Damn Simple

Razor Clam
New Moon Razor Clam
(Bao Bei)
This Year's Home Made Prosperity toss with no abalone but razor clams (bao bei)
These days more people are making their own Yusheng at home Why? because is cheaper? You can add in whatever you like. Durians? probably not lol!
But I know some health conscious people who only had fruits. heh heh you know who you are~
My mum doesnt like raw fish so we are using bao bei instead.

Normally pre packed yu sheng ingredients would cost around 11++ SGD. It can be bought from any local stupermarket NTUC or Sheng Siong.
All you need to do is prepare the shredded daikon and red carrots in cold water.

Drain off the water~ Plate everything and get ready to toss~
Yu Sheng with razor clams
Yu Sheng with razor clams 

Prosperity Healthy Salad
Prosperity Healthy Salad
Woo hoo~ I'm surrounded with positive aura~
and my stomach is filled with carrot fibres.

How about you? Do you have any symbolic dish for new year?
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