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Mind map is a graphical visualisation technique used by many to simplify complex concepts. It can also be used as a tool for brainstorming.
Drawn with a main idea starting from the centre, mind map usually radiates outwards as more comprehensive subtopics were being build upon. The more informations it has, the larger it gets~

Kinda looks like the neuron structure of a human brain - networks of braincells connected by the extending dendrites from each cell body.

Fundamentally there are 3 primary reasons to how and why we use a Mind map:

Innovate-  Problem solving/Brainstorming. Specifically engineers and designers they love mind maps and have
been using it for don't know how many donkey's years. Mind maps allows them to quickly visualise the different aspects of situation, giving them a clear overview of what they are working on.
Some schools/students even include brainstorming as part of their creative pre-writing process.

Planning- Process mapping. Makes understanding of workflow concept easier.  Breaking down each process into step by step command. Those doing performance management analysis and project planning it should be no stranger to you.

Summarising- As a student, taking notes blindly can be a waste of time. Rather than rewriting whatever scribbles your lecturer had written on the board, why not draw a mind map instead? Not only you'll have a better understanding of the topic, revision for exam has been made easier. Definitely worth your time and trouble.

Durian Mind map

If you a visual learner the more you should make use of these mind maps software.
And the best part is... they are all free, you do not need to downloading anything. - Allows makers to create colourful bubble like concept maps. Simple and clear instructions that gets you started. Mind map can be saved under your account, print it out directly, export as image files or webpage outlines.

Coggle -  Easy to use interface which I like very much. No wonder it's deem by many as one of the best on-line mind mapping applications. Send emails invites to view and edit the mind map. You can also choose to share it on the facebook or twitter. Perfect tool for online collaboration and teaching purposes. All maps can be downloaded as PDF or PNG files. They provide embeddable iframe code as well.

Mind42- Mind for two is another online collaborative tool catered for serious mind maps makers.  Personally what I like about this software is that it allows the users to insert hosted images whereas other mapping tools only permit the inclusion of text. Another nice feature is the real-time editing. Which means you can work in parallel with your friends online to create a lesson recap mind map after each classes.
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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