Dining at Table at 7 but we went in at 6:30

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OPERATION: Table at 7
Deployment Area: 7 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238957
Operation Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm (Mon to Fri), 6:30pm to 11.00pm(Mon to Fri & Sat)
Price to Pay: Relatively High (50++)
Radio Comms: 6836 6362
Table at 7 by Karl & Eugenia
Wee~ another restaurant review from me.
Situated among a row of rustic shop houses, Table at 7 is one unique restaurant that offers both European and Indonesian gourmet.
6, 7, 8

Dim lighted, romantic ambience with soft piano ballads playing in the background~  however your privacy will be compromised once the restaurant gets packed with people. Due to the confined space, it does get rowdy if a large group of people happened to dine here.

Table at 7 Menu
Table at 7 Menu
Here, you get to enjoy your unique combinations of east meets west full course meal by mixing and matching the dishes from either European or Indonesian.

First up amuse bouche & bread from the chef to tickle our taste buds

Chopped salmon amuse bouche
Chopped salmon with a hint of spiciness from the wasabi .

Next the starter, there are two here~
House-Smoked ocean Trout
I tried some of it, like the dressing and the cold smoked trout doesn't taste too salty which others normally would.

And this is the Indonesian Style starter I had
Char grilled squid and a big prawn
The Char grilled squid and Big BIG prawn is sweet with a little taste of spiciness topping off with an acidity kick from the lime.

Moving on to the main course ~

The medium done steak was a job well done, texture is soft and it taste really great with the caramelised onions and mushroom. Though I don't really like my meshed potato to be plated as base.
With the dim ambience the colour of this dish is a bit errr
Last but not least the legendary continental Sticky date pudding dessert that most diners raved about.
Sticky Date Pudding Dessert with a Ground cherry 
Sitting on top of the warm sticky date pudding was the cold vanilla ice cream with their little physalis friend by the side
However, there are times when the ice cream choose to sit on the plate.. (poor handing by the server)
This is my plate of dessert :(
The hot-cold contrast of this spongy moist pudding may seem interesting but this dessert is just too sweet for me
PS: I do not have a sweet tooth. This might satisfy your sweet tooth if you have one.

Over all the dining experience is a pleasant one for me. Nice and friendly service.
If you love European cum Indonesian Fusion food fare, this is might be the best place for you.
As mentioned above, restaurant is rather small so do get a reservation if you are interested to dine here. 

Table at 7
Reviewed by Simon Ooh on Feb 20 2014 
Rating: 4.1
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