Food analyser: raman spectrometer scans your Ramen

Last Revised: Sunday, December 29, 2013


Coupled with a PC, Spectrometers used in any analytical laboratory are often bulky and large.
Even though there are numerous handheld spectrometers sold in the market, none of them look like this!
Most handheld Raman spectrometer have the rugged look and needs to be held close to the target in order to get a good detection of the scattered photons.

Look! It's a Food scanner. It's a Handheld Spectrometer. It's TellSpec~!

Food composition analysis has never been done easier! Simply wave this beam emitting gizmo over your Ramen and within seconds you will be able to find out the nutritional data of your favourite noodles. Is that even possible?!

Now take a look at this promotional video of TellSpec.

Cool huh! Oh I would love to get my hands on one of these gluten checker. Hey wait a minute my dear~
Sorry to bust your bubble, but this may not be the actual product. What you just saw is only a Product concept video. -_-?
And if you are willing to spend some time reading about Tellspect you'll soon realise that Dr. Stephen Watson, the CTO of TellSpec Inc had made his clarification on various forums such as reddit or JREF that this is just a concept video. Disclaimer was added to the video as well if you hadn't noticed it.

Rather deceptive.. dont you think so?
Surprisingly they were able to raise 386,392 USD funding on indiegogo.
Which makes me anticipate and wonder how the actual marketed unit would be like?

Whatever it is lets hope that this is not a vaporware, scam or any sort..

If it's made possible, I'm sure that this consumer product is going to be a big hit.
Besides food testing, they can have permutations of other useful scanning apps developed for a specific purpose.

Who knows? A forensic investigator might be carrying one of these gadget in the future.
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