5 Advantages Why make your site mobile responsive?

Last Revised: Monday, December 9, 2013


Like the new design of this site? Some of you might have already noticed that I have changed the layout of this site to mobile responsive last week.
Try viewing this page with your favourite mobile device. Notice any difference?
If not, you can test out the responsive web design of this blog simply by minimizing the browser. Notice that by shortening and lengthening the width of your browser window will cause the web design layout to change.

Yes, the site you are looking at now has the capability of adapting to different screen sizes.

So why the change?

With the rising number of mobile users around, it is hard for me not to create a mobile friendly site catered for these users. Especially when the majority of my local readers are mobile users. I am not saying that is a must for all the sites to employ a responsive web design but think about it wouldn't it be nice if you as a web master can provide your readers with a better mobile experience even if it's for the minority.

There are 5 essential benefits you can achieve using the mobile responsive design:

Text size and readability
"Site with extremely tiny words usually turns me off. I would rather be an entomologist. Look at these marching backyard ants." - Mr Durian
Ant Slowest Ant Fastest Ant Can you read these words?  Ever tried browsing a non mobile responsive website on high end mobile phone? Content that fits nicely on a wide desktop monitor had been squashed down to fit the smaller screen size. Worst part of it all was that the page doesnt even support the pinch zoom function.
Hello?  how am I going to read the text if they are smaller than the ants?
So always remember to Check your site with whatever mobile device you have. If you own a site like this then I guess is time for you to do something about it.
Although simple pinching gestures may help to solve the readability issue, do take note that the user experience has been compromised as well. Also, enlarged page will cause difficulty in page navigation. Not to mention people with clumsy thumbsy fingers.

Prioritise and adaptive content
Mobile readers and readers in front of desktops have different behaviour.
Mobile users are always on the go, they tend to look for quick answers. They are not particularity interested to see how beautiful your site look, they just want their answers and a site that has easy navigation. A showcase of mesmerising photos and colourful web design most likely wont have much effects on these readers.

Increase conversion rate
Well by having a mobile responsive blog you are making the life of a mobile user easy and if you can keep the readers happy they are more likely to stay on your site.  With that you are more likely to improve the conversion rate of your site.

Optimised loading time
This is debatable. Some would argue that with the additional chunks of code will cause the page loading time to increase. But I would disagree with that. Instead proper mobile responsive design should shortened the loading time as unnecessary items were removed.

It is SEO friendly
You don't have to create duplicate sites for the different users. Responsive web design (RWD) caters to all types of users.  Which means you'll only need to work on one url. Your site authority, pagerank or whatsoever is not being split up.

If your site is not responsive yet. Don't you think is time to make a change? If not why?
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