Food analyser: raman spectrometer scans your Ramen

Last Revised: Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coupled with a PC, Spectrometers used in any analytical laboratory are often bulky and large.
Even though there are numerous handheld spectrometers sold in the market, none of them look like this!
Most handheld Raman spectrometer have the rugged look and needs to be held close to the target in order to get a good detection of the scattered photons.

Look! It's a Food scanner. It's a Handheld Spectrometer. It's TellSpec~!

Food composition analysis has never been done easier! Simply wave this beam emitting gizmo over your Ramen and within seconds you will be able to find out the nutritional data of your favourite noodles. Is that even possible?!

How to add 'Click to Tweet' promote your business on twitter

Last Revised: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ever wondered why No one tweets your article?

Well actually there is a way to make a tweet work.
All you need to do is to make tweeting easier and interesting.
Most people find tweeting a hassle. That is because they'll need a good amount of time to login to their twitter account, come out with a catchy phrase to go with the tweet, key in those words and copy the link back to the article.
That's a lot of work for just a single tweet. Don't you think so?

5 Advantages Why make your site mobile responsive?

Last Revised: Monday, December 9, 2013

Like the new design of this site? Some of you might have already noticed that I have changed the layout of this site to mobile responsive last week.
Try viewing this page with your favourite mobile device. Notice any difference?
If not, you can test out the responsive web design of this blog simply by minimizing the browser. Notice that by shortening and lengthening the width of your browser window will cause the web design layout to change.

Yes, the site you are looking at now has the capability of adapting to different screen sizes.

20 Cool and Unique usb flash drives

Last Revised: Friday, December 6, 2013

Heavy rainfalls.. water ponding.. zzz.
Dang.. my usb thumb drive got drenched! and now it's dead. Considered myself lucky as I was not given any holiday assignments. If not, I'll be having a hard time recovering the files.
yeah whatever~ is time to look for a new stick.

In the past, a decent portable storage drive would probably cost around 20 bucks at least. A good working flash drive now would only costs you 10 bucks or even less. Although the primary uses of a usb flash drive is for backup, files transfer and data storage but these days the design of this little guy seems to be getting more and more flashy.
Well, I guess it has got some aesthetic function to serve as well since everyone is carrying it around with them wherever they go~
So lets take a look at some of these interesting personal usb flash drives that I found on-line.

Google when you are super bored during holidays

Last Revised: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Google, the search engine giant that has loads of hidden gems.
Some of which you might have already came across, some maybe not.
Whatever it is, I'll be sharing with you a few that I find amusing /useful.

Of course, if you know of any other hidden Google eggs or useful tools such as these below feel free to share it with us in the comment area.


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