How to find where a picture was taken? Identify it.

Last Revised: Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Have you ever wondered where a particular picture came from?
Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to find out the exact place of where a photo was taken just by doing a similarity image search on your computer??
Just like what you saw the other day on the CSI show or perhaps some Japanese mystery drama?  huh. huh.. have you? lol!

Well~ In actual fact. You can!
There is a reverse image search service by Google and it has been around for a while.
However not everyone knows about this tool. Needless to say, how to go about using it.

Below are the steps to how you can do a digital image search on Google.

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  1. Click the image tab on the black bar above. That will bring you to Google images.
    You'll notice a black little camera sitting in the search query box. Click it.
  2. reverse image search
  3. There will be a prompt asking you for your image url or upload a digital image.
    If your image is already online just use the url of your image. If not you can upload your image.

  4.  After you've submitted your desired image. Google will return you a page with a collage of visually similar and relevant images.
    As you can see.. I doesn't look like any thing except a buch of green objects with attached handle 
  5. Visually Similar to Mr Durian

Google Images conducts the search with visually similar elements. Those elements include but not limited to the colour, shape, orientations and texture.

Anyway.. This can be a very useful tool if you know how to use it.
Besides using it for the identification of objects, humans or places. You can use it for other purpose like.. fighting image theft or identity theft.

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if you think it can be used in some other applications.

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