How to Show your face picture on google search result

Last Revised: Monday, September 9, 2013


Wondering how to get your profile picture to show up on search engine?  or
Are you searching for ways to improve your search engine click through rates (CTR)?
i.e. you hunger for Google's organic traffic?

Well.. Claiming of authorship is definitely one of  the best and simplest way to drive organic traffic to your site.

Benefits of authorship?
Most web masters who introduced author's pictures in the search engine results page are able to notice the significant increase in traffic.
Oh.Come on! Do I have to explain the rationale behind it?
Take a look at my lovely face and you'll find yourself sucked into it lolz.
Google snippets
Which site you are more likely to click? 
By putting a face photo beside your text snippets not only helps you to stand out, it also helps you in establishing your site's authority.  Let's say on a stormy day a scraper decides to scrape your site.. I assure you whichever site that is unauthorised, that site will be more likely to get penalised by Google.

Although there are no clear evidence or signs to whether Google is using authorship as a raking factor. However by indicating you are the true owner of the site, it will help you to improve your ranking in the long run.
The above interpretation is also commonly referred to as Author Rank by several webmasters. Simply put it as, the more quality footprints you leave on social media, the more authorised you will be and you will have a higher ranking.

To have a better idea on how you should implement your authorship mark-up.
Let's take a look at what Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson from the Google Webmaster Team have to say.

How to claim your website on Google?

As mention in the video- In order to have your face picture displayed in the search you need to create a loop verification between your Google plus profile and your own web page.

Just follow though this 3 parts step by step guide and you shouldn't have any problem.

Part 1: Set-up your Google + account

  1. If you do not have a google plus account, just sign up for one. 
  2. Go to your Google plus profile page and upload your lovely profile photo.
    Note: Make sure the photo you upload is a face portrait otherwise it will not work!
  3. Scroll down your Google plus profile page. Edit the link section. Add in your website to the contributor section. 

Edit in your website
Part 2: Set-up your website

For blogger users:
Go to your dashboard. Click on the Google + tab and Connect your current blog account to Google+
If you are having problems the connection you can look at Google support page.

For others and wordpress users:
You'll need to manually add in rel=''author'' tag to your html page.
Copy and paste the below code between the head section i.e  between <head> and </head>
<link href='' rel='author'/>
Change the string of numbers to your Google plus profile ID.
You should be able to find it in the address of your profile page.

Google plus profile id

Part 3: To check if your Authourship tag is working

Finally you get to test and see if your authorship is showing.
Go to
Put in your url link and click on preview. 
If it works, you'll see your face showing up beside the snippet. 

Now that your site is claimed. All you need to do is to wait patiently for Google to re-crawl your page. Typically it can take around 5-6 days for your profile picture to show up in the search engine.
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