Social Media Outlets You should make use of in marketing.

Last Revised: Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In the Web 2.0 era, web sites today no longer contain content that is static. Everyone here is constantly generating/commenting and sharing content online.

That is where our Word wide web is heading! ~ towards interactive, real time updates and social sharing. Is a global phenomenon which results in the rapid growth of various social networking sites.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of advertising on Social Media platforms. Large companies searching for social media experts. Advertising agencies turned to social media marketing as their primary marketing strategy.

So Why? Why is everyone using social media?
Simply because it is cheap, effective and is a targeted marketing strategy. If execute correctly anyone make a big splash in just a short time, especially beneficial for a small business company . And that's why everyone is using it.

Below is a list of the most popular social networking sites that you should be working on.

The king of  social media with currently over a billionth users. Great medium that will create the most impact to your small business.  Allows the setting up of your own facebook business page, engage with your potential customers, receive real-time feed back and even widen your customers base.

G+ (communities)
Although Google plus may be a relatively new platform. They have now around hundred thousand community circles. These communities are formed by users with specific common interests. Which is particularly useful for anyone who wants to increase their target audience.


Creating a video can be time consuming  however they can be very useful in the various aspects of your marketing. You can create a viral video to help you in advertising your business or even a simple Corporate video. Maybe even a product video that educate your buyers about the product they were interested in.

Personally I am hesitant to put this on my list (never a twitter person). But, since I am still using it...
The reason to why I hesitated is because what mostly on Twitter are spams. There are software that allows you to schedule your posts but people are now using automated software to spam their sites instead.

If you've not yet taken the advantage of these social media marketing for your business then you must be missing out on a whole lot. So why not ignite your social media presence starting today!
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