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Row, row, row your boat Gently Down the steam.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream~

Singaporeans love eating steamboat don't ya think so? Well ~ At lest I do.
If you've been following the food trend in Singapore, you will find more and more steamBoat restaurants rowing their way here.
And this time round I will be dipping my chopsticks into the renowned Thai Suki chain
MK Restaurants~
Best part is~
I even have someone with me
Who just ate the authentic MK's hotpot in Bangkok a few days ago~
And if you are asking about the price here... is considered slightly above average..
Not recommended if you are going for a budget steamboat..
Waiting for soup to boil
Waiting for soup to boil 
Anyway~ They have two kinds of soup stock, one is original (I don't know what they put in there) and the other one is tom yam. We had the original. It started off as a light broth but turns out rather salty after we had lots of stuff cooked in it...
Mk restaurant Hotpot
I was told that the broth tasted slightly different as compared to the one back in Bangkok. 
And of course you gotta try their legendary magical MK sauce which they took much pride in.
Made from 30 over ingredients 
With only 3 people in the entire universe have the krabby patty secret recipe 
Next up The Funnel white Rice lol
Kinda resembles ...the infamous Salad funnel Gordon eats

Anyone that has been to MK would recommend you their succulent roast duck.
Mmm yummy~ In fact, I like all their roast item.
Duck char siew crispy roasted pork belly
Roast platter- Duck, char siew and crispy roasted pork belly

The overall dining experience at this MK Restaurant is comfortable for me..and I like their services.
Is a bit pricey. Typically it can range from $20+ to $50++ per pax depending on what and how much you order..
But I must admit that their food are really fresh especially their prawns. (didnt manage to take any picture cause we were busy eating them haha)
Mk Steamboat
Will I visit the restaurant again?
I will! But not so soon.
MK Restaurant 313@Somerset Singapore
Reviewed by Simon Ooh on Jul 28 2013

豆知識(mamechishiki)-Bean knowledge = trivia 
Although the Thai named their hotpot Thai Suki, their style of Hotpot resembles more with shabu shabu than the sukiyaki. Japanese Sukiyaki has a very strong sweet broth and normally we have to dip the cooked ingredients in beaten raw egg before eating. Shabu Shabu on the other hand has a savory broth similar to Thai's hotpot.

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