Google Takes Street View to A new Hike at Gardens by the Bay

Last Revised: Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Have you seen Google mounted cars roving around Singapore before?
We are actually the first Southeast-Asian country to get street view in 2009. 
By dragging little yellow "Pegman" icon you can virtually fly though any street featured on the Google map. Especially useful tool for people like me with a poor sense of direction. 
Wee~ Pegman Flying 

Now. With their new image capturing trekking device Google will be taking their street view to a whole new level. You can sit at home and click your way to grand canyon skywalk ~ lolz
For your info: Grand Canyon was the first place Google hiked using this device. 

Google trekking in Singapore begins today at Gardens by the Bay~

Count yourself lucky, if you happen to spot someone carrying a 18 kilograms backpack with a protruding bulb of 15 panoramic cameras behind. 
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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