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Last Revised: Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hey you there! Stop hopping around sites to search for Free backlink building software or tools.
Before you start using these free tool why not ask yourself:" Will I be able to handle the risk of getting my blog/site blacklisted?"

If you can't. Dont try it! These back links builder or services would probably cause you more harm than do you any good. How much trust can you actually put into these site?
The most you can get out from them is a bunch of cheap useless links. 
Having High PR juice (Page Rank) doesn't mean it is a quality site. It only tells you that they have lots of links pointing back to their directories or maybe is just an aged domain.  

And often these so called "quality" backlinks you get from them are irrelevant to your site. To me building such irrelevant links is as good as not doing anything so why waste your time on it. 

You should avoid Link Schemes to do well in Google

Google sees this as violation of guidelines. You are using automated programs to build links for your site. Is easy for them to detect as they are too excessive and spammy. Instead of improving your site's rank, you are gradually killing it.

Rather than spamming extraneously you should instead build content relevant backlinks, write quality articles. Not only that it appears organic, people are more likely to click on these links, share and read your articles. This is one way of how you can drive in more targeted traffic and improve your SEO score. 

And if you think that by having a High PR you can rank better, you are wrong. Page Rank is just one small little factor that contributes to Google's ranking algorithm. 

The best backlink is not built by you! But by your readers!
So wake up! and focus on your content! Be unique!
Links will eventually come pouring in if you have the quality.  

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