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Last Revised: Saturday, August 10, 2013


Flash card, possibly one of the most useful learning tools around.
Don't you agree?
Remember the time when you were just a little toddler..
your parents waved these weird big animal/fruits picture cards in front of you.

Yes! that is flashcard learning.
See I even have my own "flesh" card example to show you lol

Bet you'll never forget how a mangosteen and durian looks like.

Mangosteen  Flashcard
 Durian  Flashcard

Flashcards learning is versatile it can be used on different subjects.
The learning system is so simple such that even till this day I am using it for my studies.
I have been using it for a while now for language studies and formula memorization.

If you haven't been using flash card you should try them out.
And if you are preparing for language exams then this is maybe the best tool available for you.

StudyStack is a interesting flash card cum game software that allows the user/teacher to create quiz, crosswords puzzles, matching games, hangman and various other fun memory games.

Anki probably one of the more popular flash card program for learning language. I've been using this to learn my Japanese for a while now. They have a wide collection of shared decks for different subjects.
Available on both android and apple device.

Flash card machine similar to others you can create and share the flash cards templates online. One of the better free apps because most of them doesn't allow the inclusion of audio, chemical formulas and images to the cards.
Available on App store, Google play and Kindle fire.

Most of these softwares have downloadable pre made cards study stacks of various subjects and are available in android or ios apps. Which means you can store the cards online or sync them to your precious smart devices and do your study while you are on the go.
~convenient tool for hard working student.

Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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