N95 Masks market price and other things you should know

Last Revised: Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Busy scrambling around Singapore looking for a cheap respirator mask?

Surgical Mask
Surgical Mask
Anyway there are a few points Mr Durian expect you to know before getting your self-defense mask.

  1. Surgical face mask, the one your teeth doctor wears. It is not designed to filter air particulate.Is generally use for preventing the spread of airborne diseases.(from user to others) If you had already bought them just keep them somewhere or give them to me:P. Who knows you may need them someday?

  2. A good N95 mask is able to filter 95% of air bone particles from 0.1-0.3 micron diameter in size. That is if your mask is being worn correctly.

  3. The proper way to put on your mask. 
    Extracted from You know where. 
  4. There are various models of N95 respirator mask available in the market. I've gone though respirator fit testing programme before, tried out a few designs of N95 masks, experienced the bitter denatonium benzoate taste, and learnt that some respirator design fits better on certain individuals but not others.
    Therefore if you were to get a mask it must be tight fitting and should not have any gap in the seal of the respirator to the wearer's face.

  5. And right now there are no certified N95 mask for children. Reason because N95 mask is not designed for children use. MOH encourage children to stay indoors and avoid the haze.

  6. During these period opportunists are crazily raising the respirator mask's prices.. hopefully this wonderful compilation will prevent you from getting a black marketed mask .
    Link to the market price of your favourite N95 mask - Compiled by various netizens.
    (Note:I am not the creator of this doc I'm just sharing this great work someone else did) 
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