Hiring a SEO Firm to write your blog?

Last Revised: Saturday, June 1, 2013


Going to hire a SEO company to rank your blog?
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Whether you are building your own personal blog or corporate blog.
Believe me is much more effective to rank your own blog then to hire someone else to write it for you. Take a look around and you'll notice that most successful bloggers write their own blogs.
No one knows about you (your company) better than yourself.

There may be credible SEO experts out there whom you may trust.

However the time you spent on auditing these.. experts? Getting them to understand you.. is well good enough for you to learn about SEO and even start writing your own quality blog.

Optimizing a blog to rank well is not rocket science.. Those old days tactics of link building, keywords stuffing, spamming, using keywords meta tag.. dont work any more. Anything Robotic is basically spammy.

What truly will work in the long run is to create a "human touch" blog.
Show your personality! Be engaging. Be sociable. Be informative. Be creative. Be yourself. Then can you organically build up on your trust and readership.
Google especially loves social media butterfly. (Not the spammy ones)
The more genuine footprints you leave. The more authorized you become.

And if you insist on hiring a SEO expert you have to hire them on a long term basis. Don't expect any best SEO firm to give you fast results. If it does! Something is wrong!

My recommendation for you is learn about SEO yourself, build up your own site and get yourself a content writer to do the writing instead if you do not have the time.

If what you are looking for is a quick and easy solution then blogging is certainly not the campaign you should be trying out.

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