10 commandments to successful SEO

Last Revised: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh yeah. This marks the beginning of my blogger SEO guide.

Even if you are not a blogger these 10 golden rules still serve as a basis for you to succeed in optimizing your website.

And if you managed to follow what is being engraved on the stones I created, you are on the right path to White Hat SEO.
Some must be thinking.. Why? Why should I stick with White Hat and not go Black Hat?

Reason is very simple.. Google's search algorithm is always changing for the better. Why?
To wipe out all the black hat spams and low quality sites! Of course!

If you choose to venture into the dark side.. Be prepared to get your ass slapped by some black/white animal someday.

Therefore to create a true everlasting successful website/blog .. My advice is ..
To follow the 10 Commandments!

How to switch or change image in blog post when clicked

Last Revised: Friday, May 24, 2013

Mr Durian is back! woo~
Someone wrote in a comment the other day requesting for a tutorial on How to make the revealing evolving picture in my mini point click game "The Mysterious Letter".
So here I am doing my little coding session again. ~

This should be very easy if you have some knowledge in coding. The code I use down here is straight forward and simple to understand.

But first let me show you another example of what the code does. Click on the picture below and you will see our cute Pikachu evolve. Pika!

Free admission to Singapore museums Starting Today!

Last Revised: Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today is 18 May International Museum Day!
Which means Free entry to Singapore's museum and heritage all year round starts today!

Just earlier March this year an announcement was made in Parliament by our Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong. Admission to all national museums and heritage institutions will be free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Peranakan Museum
@ Peranakan Museum
Parliament Singapore

Singaporeans & PRs NDP 2013 ticket online Balloting has started

Last Revised: Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Short Post!
Hurry hurry! Online Application for ticket balloting to this year's National Day Parade and preview show (August 3 Sat) has already started.  The application will end on May 20.

Take note: Successful applicant in NDP 2012 will not be qualified for this balloting round. 

This year's theme & Logo.. Many Stories.. One Singapore!
Extracted from http://ndp.org.sg

Hopefully I can get this year's tickets. :D
For more information visit http://ndp.org.sg
Get your golden tickets now! Get ready to celebrate our nation's 48th Birthday! Good luck! lols.

Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point and Black Bak Kut Teh

Last Revised: Sunday, May 12, 2013

This is a black week. If you know what am I referring to..
Anyway Malaysia Boleh!

For your info "Malaysia Boleh" means Malaysia can do it!
This fooding place is at level 3 of Jurong Point Shopping Centre. It has a street style kind of setting.

Perhaps you who loves malaysia's street food and doesnt want to travel all the way to Malayasia..

You can come here just to get your little cravings satisfied.
Is a pity that there are no halal-certified stalls here.

Malaysia Boleh! Shop Front
Malaysia Boleh! Shop Front @ JP

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