Google Plus + Comments on Blogger Yeah or Ney?

Last Revised: Friday, April 19, 2013


Apart from the revenue you make online.. the most rewarding part of blogging is when your readers comment on your blog.
It indicates that people are reading your blog seriously and they would like to engage with you.

Google has recently launched a new comment system which was just only yesterday...
Now we can integrate Google+ comments to our Blogspot blogs comments..

Yeah... or Nay?

Is a Nay for now...
Google+ tab Blogger Dashboard
To enable the new feature simply check the little box...
I did it and I tried out the comment system myself..
Google + integrated comment system
Google + integrated comment box
Yes you can see comments made on Google plus appearing on your blog.. 
Yes you can filter out the comments showing you comments you want to see via your Google circles. 
Yes you can comment publicly or discretely..   
Other than that is basically nothing?

I signed out of my G+ account and tried to make a comment on my own blog.. 
What! I am given a prompt! Asking me to sign in or sign up for a Google plus account. 
So are you saying that I must have a G+ account in order to make a comment? Cant I just make a comment without signing in any account?

I think this integration just makes commenting on blogs unfriendly?
Not everyone owns a Google plus account .

Tell me how you feel about this feature.
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