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Last Revised: Monday, April 1, 2013


If you have not seen my previous post
A mysterious letter from Singapore Government? What can it be?You should go take a look at it before reading this..
The answer/walk through of the mini game will be revealed at the bottom section of this post.

Anyway for all the NS men GOOD News!.. Some might not know about this yet..
In celebration of 45th anniversary of National Service... Your Ah Kong (Singlish=Government) will be giving out $$ Free Membership Card and Vouchers to All ALL! those who have served NS and those who are still trapped inside..

NS45 SAFRA benefits
Extracted from NS45 website

If you are already a SAFRA member you need not register for it.. they will process everything for you.
If you are not a SAFRA member like me, just head over to this registration page and do what you are suppose to do..  and wait for your mysterious letter to arrive..

Free SAFRA Voucher and Card
SAFRA Voucher and Card

Slowly slowly.. Take your time arH! the registration for ns45 voucher ends 28 Feb 14 (next year)

For more details and what are the participating outlets ... NS45 Homepage

The mini game answer: Just click on the letter.. and you'll see what's inside!
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