What is SEO content writing and its Biggest secret

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Knowledge is Power Content is King
Knowledge is Power Content is King 
The major traffic of a website mostly are from search engines which is why SEO content writing is very important for a web master and blogger.
A rich well-written content article are often the ones that will get more views and shares.

As a web end user, we tend to read or search for articles that are of our interest.
We seek for something that is informative, someone that holds the answers to our queries..
We seek the powerful king!
All hail The Powerfull King

Who would want to read stuff that they dont even bother or care about ??? (But for internet marketing it may be a different story Having said that quality content is still the ultimate winning stake :P)

This is what SEO content writing is about! Providing a quality service to your consumer. If your customer orders a large Hawaiian pizza, you make them a large Hawaiian pizza. If they want pizza without toppings just give them a piece of round flat bread.. You are basically responding to their requests..  the only difficult part here is you'll have to know their requests Not giving them too much or too less.

Therefore the biggest secret in writing a quality content is to understand what the seeker is searching for.  The best way is to put yourself in their shoes..
Ask yourself. If I were to do a search on the topic that I am writing what are the different key phrases and words that I will enter in the search box? You may want to use keyword research tools for better results.
At the (SERP) search engine results page what are the items that you will first look at? The page title? The page descriptions? The written date ?
And when you finally decide to click on a page What content are you looking for within the page?

Now with that in mind I can assure you.. You'll have no problem in creating a optimised content not only for user but also for the search engines to read.

Few major points to take note when doing SEO copy writing

  • always remember Knowledge is power Content is king.. be the powerful king
  • focus on a few key phrases and words 
  • never do keyword stuffing it will only looks unnatural to the reader
  • write something that is easy to read and friendly (use infographic, media.. anything that helps a reader to understand better)
  • keep in mind an article is meant be read by a human 

Proper SEO content writing is designed to target the right readers.
And if your content is good enough people will share your site. You get more incoming links.
Thereby increase your traffic.

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