How to get rid of tension headache without Medicine and Pills

Last Revised: Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just the other day I was helping someone out at Yahoo answers..

Someone posted a similar question to this.. What can I do if I am having a tension headache or migraine?
Yes!  Alot A lot of us have this problem ..
The alot monster from Hyperbole and a Half created by Allie Brosh

Especially when you are a student or a white collar worker.. Someone who has to sit in front of the liquid crystal display and stare at the hypnotic light that it emmitted for hours...
Oh man.. We all know it! We all have experienced that before! It was such a pain in the ass when migraine starts knocking on our head.. I hate it!

And if you ever did your research on the web on how to make your throbbing headache go away~
What you'll find is all these same old answers..

  • take a break 
  • drink more water 
  • some say drink coffee because of withdrawal symptoms 
  • some say caffeine over dose cause headache 
  • take drugs 
  • ice pack to freeze your brain so the zombie can eat your fresh brain? 
  • ... etc etc
The list of treatments can go on forever... Some of us even tried using natural headache remedies however most do not have any immediate effect...

When I have a headache I want it to go!! 
I need a practical solution.. something handy, useful and effective... Something that will relief my pounding head! 

Is there such a thing? Yes there is. Is acupressure..
I assure you that this is by far the most effective remedy I've tried.

You'd probably start to wonder... hmm... I've tried it before. Doesn't work...
"I have been prodding my face here and there with my pointy fingers for minutes but it still doesn't work
Even went to the temple to get my temple acupoint aka Taiyang xue rubbed"
Which I have no idea why some of you did that lol Just joking..

Well. If you have done all that and help. Good for you!
For some of us poking ourselves on the taiyang xue doesn't help much.

What I will share with you is another acupressure point which not many people knew about.
The location of this pressure point is at the head region but rather at your hand area..

Interestingly I've seen quite a number of sites that mentioned about the Valley of Harmony (He Gu) acupoint but none of them actually provide a detailed picture of where the exact location is.

Valley of Harmony (He Gu) acupoint 

The two yellow lines are the (metacarpus) bones
In-between these two bones is the webbing of flesh. That's where the Valley of Harmony located.

Apply steady pressure and rub in circular motion to the point using your other index finger and thumb
Continue doing it on both hands until the pain is alleviated.
While applying pressure you can try flexing your neck and shoulder muscles by tilting your head to the left and right while elevating your shoulder muscle.

Lets say of you are having toothache, facial cram, common cold, fever, cough, abdominal complication, body ache you can also press the Valley of Harmony. Pretty useful pressure point eh!

Take note: Do not use the Valley of Harmony acupoint method if you are pregnant Consult your physician!

If this method cures you! Don't forget to share this super useful information with your friends and family!

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