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Last Revised: Sunday, March 10, 2013


Had you read my blog posts you'll realised that I love to embed videos.. a picture speaks a thousand words. A moving picture speaks a whole lot more..
And what's even better a Music Video lol..

Usually when I embed a video I want it to be played upon user's voluntary action..
Who knows? Maybe Someone Somewhere is reading my blog in his/her workplace. You are probably guilty of doing it too.. gahahaha.  Anyway there are various reasons to why I prefer embedding a click to play video.

But sometimes there is also a need to make an embeded youtube video plays upon loading the page. Like this post The Green Facebook Profile Picture with Jaws Theme playing in the background..

So how do I make a Youtube video autoplay in blogger embedded video? 

Is really easy Only requires you to add in "&autoplay=1" in your html code when you are composing your post. This step by step tutorial is for blogger blogspot. Not really sure about the interface of wordpress but it should work the same if you know about coding.. 

After when you are done with embedding and composing click on the switch from "Compose" mode to  "HTML"  You can find them on your top left-hand side.

Search for the Object Class Code (Green Boxed) This is the Code for your embedded Youtube video
Look for Youtube hypertext it should start with " blah blah black sheep" (Blue Boxed)

After you've found the Youtube hypertext just add in  &autoplay=1 before the close inverted commas "
Which should look something like the one bellow.
And you are done!! YEAH! so Am I :D
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