3rd March Is Girls' Day Its time for Hinamatsuri

Last Revised: Sunday, March 3, 2013


Lolz.. Short post. You must be thinking why am I writing about Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day when I am not even a girl.. but whatever...

Since today is March 3 Hinamatsuri
I just want to share with you a Japanese cultural video that I find it interesting and entertaining..

Usually during this period of time if you happen to be in Japan you'll see little dolls being displayed on red carpet covered stairs or something with similar structures...

Anyway here is the video..

I love how this video is being edited I believe you too was laughing throughout the whole series...
Is probably the best Japanese culture vids I have seen out there on youtube.

Share it! if you you think this video deserves more views

By the way if you need to know more about the history and the placement of dolls you can go wiki they did a pretty detailed coverage on it..
or check out Big Bad Bald Bastard posts on Hinamatsuri 

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