A mysterious letter from Singapore Government? What can it be?

Last Revised: Friday, March 29, 2013

Look a letter from the government?
It has got this NS 45 thingy on it..
Call back? Ippt? ICT? Should you open it?


The arrival of the mysterious letter?

What should you do with this letter?
Hint:You should be able to know what is in the letter without leaving this page

Answer: Will be out on my next blog post!

Finally Got my Adsense Account in Asia! Application Approved!

Last Revised: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey Spidey Can you sense it? Can you sense my happiness?
Just a few days back my blog got approved by Google Adsense.
Have been blogging hard for the past few months for this day to come (And of course I will continue to do so. :D)

For those applicants living in Asian countries such as Singapore would probably understand how I felt waiting anxiously for our accounts to be approved because of the irritating 6 months rule that was implemented by Google adsense few years back.

If you got your Adsense account before they implement this rule Lucky for you.
Now if you are applying Adsense from India, China, Singapore or some other parts of Asia, your running/active site must clock a certain domain age in order to get in.

Although is stated clearly in their site that 6 months is the minimum required criteria. However if your website has high traffic is still plausible to get your account approved in less than 6 months. I got approved in slightly less than 6 months. What I want to say is.. if your site content is unique and start bringing in a good amount traffic you can try out your luck and apply for it. You need not wait for the full six months.

Is difficult but is possible.. Mr Durian has done it so can you!

This is my take if you need to get your adsense account approved in asia..
  1. There is really no other shorter route or  for you to get your adsense account approved
    I noticed that there are people out there who sells adsense account.. Why buy when you can get it approved for free? Besides you dont even know if the seller is reliable and sooner or later  you'll only get yourself banned from adsense. 
  2. Read and follow their guidelines and policies 
  3. Continue working on your site! keep writing!
  4. Get your page indexed in the major search engines 
  5. Learn about Search Engine Optimisation what it does.
  6. Write original content for people to read 
  7. Harness the power of social media.. make your blog known to people
  8. If you really can't wait for the 6 months signup for another advertising service Eg. Nuffnang..
  9. Stop fantasizing! Google Adsense account approval trick within hours is impossible!
    You need to work for it!
The route to making money online can be slow..
If you try, you are one step closer.
If you choose to give up, you are nowhere near.

How to get rid of tension headache without Medicine and Pills

Last Revised: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just the other day I was helping someone out at Yahoo answers..

Someone posted a similar question to this.. What can I do if I am having a tension headache or migraine?
Yes!  Alot A lot of us have this problem ..
The alot monster from Hyperbole and a Half created by Allie Brosh

Especially when you are a student or a white collar worker.. Someone who has to sit in front of the liquid crystal display and stare at the hypnotic light that it emmitted for hours...
Oh man.. We all know it! We all have experienced that before! It was such a pain in the ass when migraine starts knocking on our head.. I hate it!

What to do During Earth Hour??

Last Revised: Friday, March 22, 2013

Earth Hour What Mr Durian Did..
.Every Hour Is Earth Hour

Homemade Tempeh veggie burgers

Last Revised: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Patties are usually made from ground meat packed together with large amount of salt and seasonings. Sometimes eggs are added in as binder agent to keep the mixture from falling apart.

The grounded mixture will then be shaped into flat round cake for cooking or storage.

In the modern days patties are often served sandwiched between split buns. As fast food companies started incorporating burgers into their menu. It then quickly became a popular global food .

And who knows what junk has gone into making these fast food meat patties.

Perhaps connective tissues and cartilages?

Selected for Nuffnang CPUV Campaign

Last Revised: Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh yeah.. This is a squeal post to Why am I not selected for CPUV Campaign?

Visit the above link if you are still not sure of what are the criteria in enrolling to their CPUV campaign or maybe you've forgotten about our Nufffnang baby member?

Yup he has worked hard and hard work does pay off.. Finally he manage to get into one Campaign yeah... lolz

CPUV Campaigns For Sound@venture
CPUV Campaigns For Sound@venture

Knowing that some of you out there are just like me, still very curious about the required unique visitors figures. Especially if you are an engineer you want quantitative data lol.

What is SEO content writing and its Biggest secret

Last Revised: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Knowledge is Power Content is King
Knowledge is Power Content is King 
The major traffic of a website mostly are from search engines which is why SEO content writing is very important for a web master and blogger.
A rich well-written content article are often the ones that will get more views and shares.

Make blogger blogspot embedded YouTube auto play on start

Last Revised: Sunday, March 10, 2013

Had you read my blog posts you'll realised that I love to embed videos.. a picture speaks a thousand words. A moving picture speaks a whole lot more..
And what's even better a Music Video lol..

Make Chinese chilli paste to Chicken rice Chilli sauce to Belachan

Last Revised: Friday, March 8, 2013

Facing heaven pepper or skyward-pointing chili pepper 指天椒
Facing heaven pepper or skyward-pointing chili pepper 指天椒 

We are running out of chilli again!. Is time to make some chilli dipping sauce.

3rd March Is Girls' Day Its time for Hinamatsuri

Last Revised: Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lolz.. Short post. You must be thinking why am I writing about Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day when I am not even a girl.. but whatever...

Since today is March 3 Hinamatsuri
I just want to share with you a Japanese cultural video that I find it interesting and entertaining..

Mushroom Soup Recipe Without Cream

Last Revised: Friday, March 1, 2013

Warning: NO I am not making Chicken Soup for your Soul so this is not a collection of inspirational stories..
However you will be inspired by how Easy it is to make Mushroom Soup for your Creamless Soul

Mushroom Soup For The Soul
Mushroom Soup For The Soul
Just finish my heart warming soup and I am sharing this recipe with your now.
I love to drink soup of all kinds from western chowder to asian herbal soup...

and I believe most of you are too! which is why you are here to find out how to cook your own Mushroom soup..

Stop buying those processed/canned soup they are full of addictives and MSG..
Fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms
Fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms
start off your day with a warm and healthy soup made from fresh mushrooms..


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