Ceramic knives the advantages and disadvantages

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Ceramic knife IKEA BAGIG
Ceramic knife
Oh yeah.. I finally get to try them out.. the knives I have here are from Ikea
Yup Ikea do sell ceramic knife.. they are much cheaper compared to the high ends one..
In any way they still do the same thing.. which is cutting

So what is ceramic knife?

By looking at the name you can tell that the knife has got something to do with ceramics..  
Yes! The blade of the Knife is made of ceramics mostly zirconium oxide (zirconia).. Some who studies materials science will know that Zirconia is also a biomaterial use for various human implants applications.. due to its mechanical properties (hardness) and chemically inert property.

Ceramic knife was first introduced and developed by the famous ceramic knife manufacturer Kyocera in 1984.
However these ceramic knives only begin to popularised in the early 20s when more companies start to produce their own ceramic knives..

Much lately I noticed more and more households own one of these knives..
but should you consider getting one?
I dont know? You'll have to find a balance between the price tag and its thoughness
Lets find out the Good and Bad about Ceramic knife.

The Good about ceramic knife 
The main advantage I like about ceramic knife is that it does not chemically react with your food. I found a nice page that proves apple cut using ceramic knife oxidized slower compared to knifes made from metal.
As mention earlier zirconia ceramic is a hard material therefore these knives do not blunt easily.. But! there are some myths or claims out there which says zirconia is the second hardest material after diamond. IS NOT TRUE people. Go do some homework and you will find out there are lots more materials of hardness that lies between Diamond and Zirconia. So dont just buy into such promotional blurbs.
Comparing to knives made of metal, ceramic knives are much lighter in weight Personal preference some people like lighter blade knife but I prefer my blade to be heavier..

The Bad about ceramic knife
One major concern that I will ponder before buying a knife made from ceramic is its applications..
Although ceramic is hard but it is very brittle. It doesnt have the same toughness compared to a blade made of steel..  A slight torque or bend may cause the blade to break into pieces therefore you cant use a ceramic knife to pry open biscuit tins where your ah kong ah mah usually bank in their money lol..

You cant use it to chop bones.. it will only chip the blade.. so what can you do with it? is pretty limited if you were to ask me...
And since it is a hard material you'll need to get a yourself diamond sharpening stone to sharpen once your blade become blunt..

One last disadvantage about Ceramic knife is that they are usually quite expansive. Once you broke it you can say bye bye to it. Soon you'll realised the money you pay for will be washed down the drain..

So if you hadn't own a metal knife yet I'll suggest you to get a metal one first..
possibly a Chinese cleaver, the all purpose knife :D 
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