Mushroom Soup Recipe Without Cream

Last Revised: Friday, March 1, 2013


Warning: NO I am not making Chicken Soup for your Soul so this is not a collection of inspirational stories..
However you will be inspired by how Easy it is to make Mushroom Soup for your Creamless Soul

Mushroom Soup For The Soul
Mushroom Soup For The Soul
Just finish my heart warming soup and I am sharing this recipe with your now.
I love to drink soup of all kinds from western chowder to asian herbal soup...

and I believe most of you are too! which is why you are here to find out how to cook your own Mushroom soup..

Stop buying those processed/canned soup they are full of addictives and MSG..
Fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms
Fresh Swiss Brown Mushrooms
start off your day with a warm and healthy soup made from fresh mushrooms..

As usual I'll talk a little bit about the Soup before I start my cooking show..
Cream of mushroom was actally originated from New York and maybe that is why Cambell soup is so popular. Oh yeah the red and white iconic pop art soup cans

This type of soup was often cooked from roux, a cooked mixture of flour and butter which is also used for cooking Japanese curry >.O wink wink*  Recipe for Japanese curry coming not so soon).. Some recipes use milk and heavy cream but due to healthier choice I wont be using them.. well you can still add them if you like..
Normally the thicken soup is served together with toasted bread or toasted garlic bread.

Sliced Mushroom
Sliced Mushroom
Ingredients: (Serves 2 - 3)

200g Swiss Brown Mushrooms Sliced 'em up
2 Cloves of Garlic Chopped
2 Table Spoon of Flour
1 Table Spoon of Butter
Salt and Black Pepper!

Chopped garlic
Chopped garlic

Cooking Time!
  1. Heat up the butter in your whatever cookware, I like to use wok lol
  2. Throw!!! in your chopped garlic and fry fry a bit haha... and then add in your sliced mushrooms continue to stir-fry 
  3. Stir frying Mushroom
    Stir frying Mushroom
    Mushroom Shrunk
    Mushroom Shrunk 
  4. The mushroom will shrunk.. separate out a handful of them into a bowl(for Step 8)..  
  5. Add in the flour continue to stir fry.. work fast be careful not to let the flour charred  
  6. When the colour starts to brown add in 2 cups of water, bring it to boil let the mixture dissolve
  7. Pour the mixture into the blender (you may want to let it cool) and blend it till fine purée
  8. Bring the Purée to boil.. add in your desired amount of salt and black pepper to taste
  9. Serve the soup and top it off with the mushroom you had separated eariler
  10. Enjoy your Heart warming Mushroom Soup

    Creamless Mushroom Soup
    45 min
    Yum Yum Mushroom Soup
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