Play snake on youtube In the year of snake

Last Revised: Sunday, February 10, 2013


新年快乐!Ok I am feeling so bored that I decided to make this post.. on the first day of snake year.
Chinatown Boxy Snake
Chinatown Boxy Snake

Snake is a very old game.. it came out in the 1970s..  became quite popular in the late 90s. you'll know why if you happened to own a Nokia phone in the 90s haha.. aww memories.. and the bounce ball game

Any way now if you feel bored.. you can play snake on youtube. This is me playing snake on the happy new year song I composed..

Youtube Snake
Random stranger: Show me how you play leh??

Mr Durain: Iyah Simple lah.. Just press left and up arrow keys at the same time.. while you watch me rock lo..

Lolz.. Guess I am too bored.. please do not blame me for being so lame..
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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