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Operation: Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant

Deployment Area: #01-04, Central Square 20, Havelock Road Singapore 059765
Operation Time: 11am-3pm/ 6.15pm-9.30pm (Daily)
Radio Comms: 6339 9993
Price to Pay: Surrender if you want /can
Mode of Transport: Route march from Clarke Quay MRT (Exit B) or Chinatown MRT (Exit E)

You are provided with a navigation map
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Annalakshmi Welcomes Anyone
Annalakshmi Welcomes Anyone

I assure you that this is one of those cosy restaurant that you would love to go again. Uniqueness about Annalakshimi restaurant is that there is no fixed price menu, you are "the boss", you give the price, pay whatever amount you can afford. The money collected from you will be used for charity purposes.
Their principle "Eat What You Want, Give What You Feel We Believe in You, We Trust You"

Arrival at the doorstep..
Annalakshmi Central Square
Annalakshmi Central Square
most distinctive feature you'll see is this big carved wooden door..
A funny looking Sculpture of myself
Got Table No.1

Lord Ganesha Brass Sculpture
Lord Ganesha
The moment when you stepped inside you'll find yourself diving deep into the sea of rich Indian culture.
Backing up with the sound of indian classical music. twaaang~ :)

Although this is not a big restaurant I am quite happy with their table arrangement. (not too close nor too far apart) Food is served in a buffet manner.
A mixture of both north and south indian cuisine. Just Grab any vegetables you like and you can start eating.

biryani rice potatoes chutney
Biryani rice potatoes chutney
For those who doesn't like to eat vegetables, you have to try Indian vegetarian! Trust me They are really yummy with all the spices. Since the restaurant does not have a fix buffet menu, the dish you see today may not be served the next day or the next time when you visit.

My all time favourite is their vegetables fritters. You gotta try them if you happen to stumble upon it... Too bad today they dont have Pakoras (vegetables fritters).. Oh well May be next time..

And if you are in for sweets they have fruits and Indian desserts.. Personally I dont like sweet food especially Indian style desserts. They are normally too sweet for my tooth :x

Blackcurrant lassi
Blackcurrant lassi

Tea Cup and Sugar bowl
Tea Cup and Sugar bowl
All the staffs here are really friendly.
Oh! If you need any liquid.. you can ask the staff for a cup of ginger tea, coffee or lassi (which these are the only ones I can remember).

Anyway I always had their ginger tea.. keke..main reason is because I can add my own tea spoons of sugar.

Before I end this post, there is something for you to take note of.
I've been here quite a few times and sometimes this place can be really packed (especially on weekends)
so if you are coming as a group you may want to make a reservation first before coming down.

Framed sculpture
Pieces of sculpture Hanging on the wall

If you love Indian vegetarian Cuisine, arts and cultural? this is a definite place to visit!
I am giving it a five stars. There is nothing to be picky about! Just share and give whatever you can or feel like.

Central Square Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Restaurant
Reviewed by Simon Ooh
on Feb 01 2013
Rating: 5
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