What is This Green green Profile Picture About

Last Revised: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some of you may be wondering why your friends' profile pictures are becoming green on social network platform ..facebook, twitter or may be some others..
This is not some technical glitch.. This is an ongoing protest to show support for the special effect VFX industry.

Talk to your Google Glasses: Ok glass! Google Mr Durian!

Last Revised: Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eye Glasses
Eye Glasses
If you have been following Google closely last year you would have heard about the Project Glass. Yesh they are back and the glasses will be released to the consumers in the last quarter of 2013.
Although I didn't get to try out these glasses but I am already feeling very excited about what these Google glasses can do in the near future.

Ceramic knives the advantages and disadvantages

Last Revised: Friday, February 22, 2013

Ceramic knife IKEA BAGIG
Ceramic knife
Oh yeah.. I finally get to try them out.. the knives I have here are from Ikea
Yup Ikea do sell ceramic knife.. they are much cheaper compared to the high ends one..
In any way they still do the same thing.. which is cutting

So what is ceramic knife?

Nikon 1 J2 the Colour Full

Last Revised: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who doesn't want to have their wonderful epic moments captured. I do.
Especially when I am a lifestyle blogger

~Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on my blog For the world to see~
(This is not Kim Jong Il nor his son looking at things)
This is...
Simon looking at things
Looking at Darth Vader Helmet 
The Grainy Image
The Very Grainy Image 
Some have noticed about the "high resolution" pictures on my blog
Most appear grainy specifically the one on your left :P noisy noisy
Yup They were all taken with camera phones ... pretty sad lah huh.. Cant do much with these images ..

Which is why I need a appropriate camera
However I am hesitant to lug a weighted black camera over my shoulder. (DSLR eeyer orh lulu certainly not for point and shoot) Imagine carrying a block of coal around with you..
It doesn't help in bringing out any character
Hey! We have headphones as fashion accessories so why not a camera!

Play snake on youtube In the year of snake

Last Revised: Sunday, February 10, 2013

新年快乐!Ok I am feeling so bored that I decided to make this post.. on the first day of snake year.
Chinatown Boxy Snake
Chinatown Boxy Snake

Snake is a very old game.. it came out in the 1970s..  became quite popular in the late 90s. you'll know why if you happened to own a Nokia phone in the 90s haha.. aww memories.. and the bounce ball game

Any way now if you feel bored.. you can play snake on youtube. This is me playing snake on the happy new year song I composed..

Youtube Snake
Random stranger: Show me how you play leh??

Mr Durain: Iyah Simple lah.. Just press left and up arrow keys at the same time.. while you watch me rock lo..

Lolz.. Guess I am too bored.. please do not blame me for being so lame..

Traditional Recipe: Asian Pork Oyster Crépinette 客家年菜:酿蚝豉

Last Revised: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good things 酿蚝豉
Good Stuff 酿蚝豉
蚝豉 (Oyster Crépinette) pronounced as haosi(好事) which can also means "good things" is a Traditional Chinese New Year dish of the Hakka Clan. Since my mum is a hakka chinese she would make this dish for reunion dinner every year.
I can tell you that this dish is not something you'll want to make and eat every day.. reason is.. it requires alot of hard work + time... and not very healthy cause it uses caul fat ..

How to Prepare Caul Fat What is this fatty membrane

Last Revised: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Caul Fat
First! I believe most of you dont know what is Caul fat? They are use for wrapping meat like a sausage wrapper keeping the moisture in while cooking. They usually melts away after frying or baking leaving a silky smooth texture on the outside. This might not be a common cooking ingredient that you'll see in your everyday cooking show. Even if you have seen one you might not know what is it called. Needless to say, which part of the animal did it came from.

Mustafa Centre and Chinese New Year Shopping

Last Revised: Monday, February 4, 2013

Slithering Snake spotted in Chinatown
Slithering Snake spotted in Chinatown

Shopping for CNY Shoes
Shopping for Shoes
Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The year of Snake is coming ..is time to say good bye to the ferocious dragon... but the mood of new year seems to be gradually dying off every year.. wonder if any of your felt the same..

Interesting keyboard Slippers
Interesting keyboard Slippers
Anyway me just went to Mustafa Centre and did my shopping .. and Thanks bro for sponsoring me the top

Normal people like to go china town to get their 年货 (new year goodies) but abnormal people like me like to go Mustafa Centre to shop.. and is great to see more and more Chinese shopping there haha..

They sells all sorts of things... household appliances.. clothes.. food...

who knows maybe you'll find some interesting stuff over there..  --->

Happy shopping people!! at the same time dont forget to do your spring cleaning at home..
Spring Cleaning Looks clean
Spring Cleaning Looks clean?

Annalakshmi Singapore Central Square Indian Vegetarian

Last Revised: Saturday, February 2, 2013

Operation: Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant

Deployment Area: #01-04, Central Square 20, Havelock Road Singapore 059765
Operation Time: 11am-3pm/ 6.15pm-9.30pm (Daily)
Radio Comms: 6339 9993
Price to Pay: Surrender if you want /can
Mode of Transport: Route march from Clarke Quay MRT (Exit B) or Chinatown MRT (Exit E)

You are provided with a navigation map
and some other information www.annalakshmi.com.sg
Annalakshmi Welcomes Anyone
Annalakshmi Welcomes Anyone


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