Punggol Marina Biggest Sakura Charcoal Grilled Shabu Shabu

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Operation: Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu

Deployment Area: Marina Country Club 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
Operation Time: 12nn-4.30pm (weekends and PH only) , 5pm-10pm (Daily)
Price to Pay: Adults SGD 26+ Children SGD 11.9+
Mode of Transport: FREE Shuttle service Opposite Seng Kang MRT Station, in-front of Blk 257C

Those who love Grilled food and Shabu Shabu this might be the best place for you to pig-out. And yes they are Halal :)

This Sakura outlet is very spacious and well ventilated (open air with shelter- near the sea). Which is good, you wont stink as much after fighting the grill. The place is fairly clean and tidy. Service is good, they are quite fast at clearing the plates.
Sakura Marina Country Club
Sakura Charcoal Grilled Shabu Shabu
If you are eating with a small group of people I suggest you to get a table somewhere near the food. If not, you'll end up walking to and fro collecting the ingredients before you can start your cooking show.

A freezer of Sushi
Sushi Freezer
fish head beside egg plant
Fish Head Egg Plant

They claim to have over 200 varieties of food items, I cant confirm with you on that but they sure have a wide spread of buffet items in the display freezer. You can definitely find food with no leg, two legs, four legs or alot of legs like the prawns and little oct. By the way my brother said the prawns are pretty fresh.

Grilled Prawns and little Octopus
Prawns and little Octopus

Satay Freezer
Satay Yeah!

If you are looking for prepared cook food, they only have a small station of it. I like the steam fish though. And if you like to have some sushi they got this sushi freezer.

Dory Salmon Squid
Dory Salmon Squid

A variety of Dipping Sauce
Magical Dipping Sauce
And What is Yakiniku without the dipping sauce.

They have all kinds of magical dipping sauce for you to choose, from Satay sauce to simple garlic & vinegar sauce. Choose whatever you like, you can even make your own concoction of sauces.

Grill pit with Satay Scallop Beef
Satay Scallop Beef

Size of the square charcoal gill pit is only slightly larger than a piece of A4 paper, I wish that it was a bigger one so we can grill more items all at once. We had lots of satay that evening.

As for the shabu shabu hot pot they use boiling water, no soup base which is a disappointment for my taste bud.
We Do not serve Sashimi-Sign
Aww  no sashimi for me
Overall I like the ambience, the food is nice.
Mini Christmas lighting  

If you like You can head over to the pier for jalan jalan after you had your big feast.
Boats Pier and Rubbish Bin
Walk walk on the pier
Punggol Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu
Reviewed by Simon Ooh on Dec 14 2012
Rating: 3.6
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For your convenience.. this is the FREE Shuttle service Transport schedule form Marina Country Club and Seng Kang MRT 
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Shuttle Bus Schedule from Punggol Marina Country Club and Seng Kang MRT 
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