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Last Revised: Friday, November 23, 2012


Soup Master Soup With Pumpkin Rice
Soup Master Soup With Pumpkin Rice

I believe most people in Singapore knows what is 老火汤 (lao huo tang aka Soup Master). Over the past one year I've seen them popping out of every corner.

Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup take away
Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup
You can't go wrong with soup and I like to drink soup.  This is what I bought yesterday while on my way back home. Yeah.. I dont like to eat out when im alone .. but anyway they offer free soup refills if you dine in. They have a variety of soup for you to choose from a simple and light Pear & Apple Pork Ribs Soup to rich flavourful Buddha Jump Over the Wall.

So what is the Special deal here?

collect 10 chop marks
Collect Card
There see this little card  --->
is all in Chinese which I don't understand why.. 
or maybe there is English version one? dont know..

"Whateva" .. so what this card says is, collect 10 chop marks or stamps and you'll get to have one choice of soup for free. Any one will do and of course I will be picking the most expansive one.

The promotion will last until mid Feb of next year. So hurry and good luck in collecting your CHOPS on the discount coupon.

Soup Master 老火汤 
Reviewed by Simon Ooh on Nov 22 2012
Rating: 4
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