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Last Revised: Saturday, May 30, 2015


Just last month I  received an email from Google stating that they are taking mobile friendliness designed website as a ranking signal for their search engine results.

What this means is that websites that are fully optimized for mobile devices will be rewarded with a better search rank in their engine.

If you are not sure what mobile responsive designs are... try browsing this site on a desktop and a smart phone, you will find that the fonts and the layout for this blog change adaptively to the screen size. Eg. for a mobile phone user, the fonts size is larger, the page width is shrink down to accommodate the screen size of the phone.

I've made this change two years ago as I strongly believe that by adopting a responsive design I am be able to provide my readers with a better reading experience and yes I am telling you upfront that I have actually benefited from the new search algorithm that google just rolled out.

So if your website is not yet a responsive one and would like to know more about it... Now is the time..
Below are the two sites that I recommend to get you started!
The guides and recommendations for mobile friendly site provided by Google developers team
Take the Mobile-Friendly Test and see how your website fair!
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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