Best Google Docs and Sheets add-ons for students and teachers

Last Revised: Friday, March 14, 2014


Google has just launched new add-ons for their Docs and Sheets with at least 60 over add-ons in their store. Of course the number of add-ons will continue to rise as more third parties jump on the developer partner program.

So what can you do with the add ons? There are plenty actually...

  1. write reports 
  2. make a flow chart 
  3. highlights and make notes
  4. music scoring  or composing
  5. create your own spreadsheets
  6. making infographics and lots more

and here's how to get your hands on the Google add-ons~

1. Simply head over to your google drive and create a new document
2. Click on the new  "Add-ons" tab and get add-ons
New Google doc addons
Get your hands on the new Google Add-ons

I've scanned though the addons
and found some really useful ones~
These add-ons were highlighted specifically for college students and educators

Easybib- Citing with a generator has definitely made the process expeditiously efficient. Now with the plugin you are able to generate APA, MLA and Chigago bibliography at the end of your papers with great ease.

Texthelp study skills- Highlight and isolate keys points. With 4 different colours for you to choose from. The highlighted text can then be extracted to a new document by its colour or sequence.

Text Highlighter for students and teacher
MindMeister- Being the leading brand of mind mapping and data visualization is no wonder why many like this add-ons. It will turn any bullet points lists into a mind map. First point as the main topic while the sub points as second level topics.  Allows you to visualise your bullet points list in a graphical manner.

Lucidchart Diagrams- One of the best mind map add-ons for Google doc. Creating Flow charts and diagrams is easy and straight forward. Also with Lucidchart editor you can have real time collaboration with others online.

Thesaurus- Great add-ons if you are doing report writing.

Track Changes- Selectively accept or reject the edits being done on the document. Great for students who are doing group projects or any other kinds of on-line collaborations.

Table of Contents- Organise your document with content table at side. Navigate though sections of large documents by clicking on the jump link.

Charts- Create and insert a chart from Google spreadsheet to your document.
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