Chai Tow Kueh Fried Carrot Cake Recipe

Last Revised: Saturday, November 30, 2013

Carrot Cake! Fried not baked? Recipe calls for rice flour, radish and egg but no orange carrot ? Huh?

If you ever lived in the South-east Asian countries, particularly in Singapore or Malaysia,  you would probably know what kind of carrot cake I am talking about. Yes! the one we had for our breakfast.

Fried cake here is very different from the awesome birthday cake you had during your celebrations.
So why do we call it carrot cake when it's not baked and it does not contain any carrot?
Carrot Cake Fried not baked

The Xun Chinese vessel flute is not an Ocarina

Another post about music instruments
Can you guess what this is?

Xun Chinese vessel flute

Click the mysterious pandora's box to open it.

How to repair a stuck sliding glass door by changing the wheel parts

Last Revised: Friday, November 22, 2013

Is your patio sliding door getting cranky?

My bathroom sliding glass door got sticky recently.
Having a door that sticks is frustrating so I decided to fix it myself.
Of course there are various reason to why a sliding doors screech.

Below are the 4 major reasons.
  • dirty rollers and dirty tracks 
  • rollers and tracks not lubricated/smooth 
  • the wheels not aligning properly to the track 
  • rusty rollers, corroded rollers 
Bathroom sliding door
Bathroom sliding door

Smartphone, Dumbphone & Xperia V went for diving

Yosh! I am back! haha.
Yeah  have been busy lately with my exams and report writing -_-" ...
Got myself a new handset few months back for re-contracting my plan .

Usually I would go for a white phone but the white Xperia V only had its back cover white. (front remains black) :(
Long story short -  I prefer phones with uniform colour and a sleek/clean design.


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